A Church of Deliverance & Discipleship

Mission / Vision


NBTT Ministries is a church where all people are welcome; of all ages, nationalities and backgrounds. Come just as you are and allow the Lord to do the rest.
We are a church of deliverance and discipleship and we believe that the two go hand in hand. If true discipleship is taking place in the body, deliverance will manifest in the lives of God's people. Jesus was about changing lives and so are we.
Our vision is to reach the lost by going into the communities to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. To make disciples of all the nations by teaching them to obey all things that Christ commands. Teaching the Word of God in the local assemnbly yet coming out of the four walls to do Kingdom business through evangelism.
It is our mission to be led by the T.R.U.T.H (Total Reliance Upon The Holy Spirit), depending upon Him to order our footsteps. We seek to be living examples of Christ's teaching by exemplifying what it is to be Christ-like through our everyday lifestyles.

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